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“Then after I have poured out my rains again, I will pour out my Spirit upon all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy. Your old men will dream dreams. Your young men will see visions.” – Joel 2:28

Erik and Bonnie III was reading the book of Joel the other day and this verse leaped out at me. It seemed to me that in our North American mind set we have forgotten the wonder and truth behind the visions and dreams that each of us experience as we live and grow in relationship with God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit. We tend to suppress the still small voice within us that speaks in our daily activities or times of rest and sleep, equating it to mundane nothingness and absent from any meaning or significance to the will of God.

Where has our sense of wonder gone? What dreams do we dream? What visions do we have when we think of truth, love, justice, scripture, Jesus, and God?

John Taylor writes that:

Every good teacher knows the futility of rapping on his desk and calling: Pay attention, please! True attention is an involuntary self-surrender to the object of attention. The child who is absorbed is utterly relaxed. The adult mind, also, must be unstriving, receptive, expectant, before there can be any creative insight.

Again and again this is the state of mind in which new truth dawns. We do not work it out or think it out; rather, we have the sense of waiting for the disclosure of something that is already there. Attention means being in attendance… To be “in the Spirit” is to be vividly aware of everything the moment contains, the twigs of the thorn bush as well as the presence of God.”

The idea behind this website is to give welcome to the attendance of God in my own life and to share the many dreams and wonders he brings into it. However, it is also an invitation for you to embark on a journey of your own to explore the dreams and wonders that God has placed in your heart and to share these thoughts in fellowship and community.

Together as we witness and share these wonders with one another we can and will grow richer in God’s understanding and blessing. As Rave Zacharias writes in his book ‘Recapture the Wonder’, “Deep within every human heart throbs the undying hope that somebody or something will bring both an explanation of what life is all about and a way to retain the wonder. Yet if we would but pause and first ponder what it is that we already see in this world of wonder we might get a brief taste of the wonder that may be poured into us as well.” 

Perhaps now you are still wondering…

11 thoughts on “Welcome! About Just Wondering…

  1. Humph

    Man, it’s great to hear your voice, synthesizing all the stuff you’re in the midst of and sharing your heart in that mix. Dream big and play big – it’s a big Kingdom we’re in.

  2. John Picard

    Hi Eric

    Looking at this as an extension of trying to reach Sylvia – and the quote by Gregory is intriguing – as a teacher promoting critical thinking I believe that conceptualization is fundamental to integrated understanding and living. I am interested in the potential danger of creating idols. thoughts?


  3. Hi John,

    Sylvia was intrigued by your note on my blog. She passes along that you are also welcome to email her at kidspark@oakpark.ca!

    With regards to Gregory’s quote; Yes I agree that conceptualization has a place in the human functionality of interpretation. However, it becomes dangerous when that interpretation becomes anything more then subjective understanding or relational development. If we hold the concept of truth to be objectively within our own grasp… then we run the risk of submitting God, others, and our own nature to irrational idolatry!!!

    Truth in essence is really only attainable through subjective relational wonderment. So then, as a Christian when I hear and believe that Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth, and the life” (John 14:6), I am embraceing a truth brought to me through a relational epiphany, which is externally experienced, not an objective internal possesion or position. Positional thoughts could even stray deeper into the conversation of your involvements or non-involvements in a church community. Either way, this does not relate to or indicate the expression of being in relationship with Jesus directly! However, perhaps this conversation should be left for another time.

    I hope this answers the question you posed! Maybe it even left you in your own state of wonderment as to how you relate to truth and to Jesus!? Feel free to write me further on my blog page listed as ‘Still Wondering’ (click here) on the top of my site!!!

    God Bless,


  4. Hi Alan,

    Yes, this quote has stuck with me for a long time and is probably one of my favorites. Actually, my wife jokes with me that I quote it way too much!!! Ha, ha! Still, I have to admit a certain dependence on its truth as a reminder to myself from time to time.

    Philip Yancey actually uses it in ‘Reaching for the Invisible God’. (pg. 168) Great Book! By the way, I look forward to your upcoming new release!

  5. aaroweiss

    Great to see your blog, my friend. I appreciate your thoughts and insight on God’s word. Keep it up. I’ll have to take a look see here more often. 🙂

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