Chaos Theory and the Significance of Being

My friend Aaron made a post titled Wisdom Required not long ago and I felt led to leave a comment. These thoughts are still resonating in my heart and mind so I thought I would share them here also as they connect with the magic of Christmas.

I’ve been thinking about your friend and praying for him since we last talked over coffee Aaron. I realized I might have touched on something deeper when I said I wondered if there was something in behind his struggle of faith. Namely the painful struggle of questioning insignificance.

I ask this as I too myself struggle with this question of identity. Why should God care for me? Why should he care for the little insignificant actions I take in life whether they are good or bad? But then I think of the reverse; why should I care for God? Perhaps God thinks that what we consider to be insignificant he sees more as the greater significances. Perhaps what we see as ordinarily unimportant he sees as extraordinarily miraculous!

Have you ever heard of the “Chaos Theory”? (See Here) It is this idea that when a butterfly flaps its wings in South America, the wind created by these motions has the potential of becoming a Hurricane out in the ocean which in turn makes North American land fall. Perhaps this is how God sees us; not only in the physical sense but in the spiritual as well. Why should God care and love each one of us? Because each and every one of us has the potential of creating and experiencing great historical and eternal events, moments, and changes to His Kingdom!

Jesus tells a parable of a fig tree in Luke 21:29-33 that just as we witness the blooming of its leaves on its branches, we also can know that the Kingdom of God is near. God is not far off and he is deeply connected and close to all that we do. The question to choose then is, “What kind of hurricane do you want to create?”

In a sense I suppose that is the message of Christmas. From the insignificance of a baby born in Bethlehem came the Savior for all man kind. In another paraphrase by an unknown author, “The message of Christmas is that the visible material world is bound to the invisible spiritual world.


One thought on “Chaos Theory and the Significance of Being

  1. i agree with what your saying here erik, esspecially in regards to God seeing things differently then we do. i’ve felt this way for quite a while and well in college i tried many times to “build a theology” of how (in our finite state), may have things completely backwards.

    your not alone in thinking this way. i wonderr about it with some of my past mission trips. I’ve often told people that when it comes to ministry I’m either living proof that God has a sense of humor or im God’s secret weapon. the last 10 years God has put me in the most unlikely places – leaving people reluctant to me partnering with them in ministry, sometimes thinkiing God must be off his rocker (i’ve felt this way st times too), but we trust God and i get included in the ministry… only later do we find that there were times i offered the best solution to situations we were faced with. and maybe without me as part of the ministry team, the ministry may have suffered.

    Scriptujre even talks about us seing things not like God does 1 cor 12:22-25 and i think one of the psalms say His ways are not our ways… God’s thoughts are bigger then ours.

    well those are my two bits, anyone else got something to add?

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